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Our story

We are Jen and Lloyd Fairley. Our rescue is located in South Texas where there's a need for better legislation in animal welfare.

We've been saving dogs for almost 20 years, we just never put a name to it. Years of doctoring unknowns and scrambling to find sponsors or adopters for yet another stray soul, has led us here.

We are animal lovers who saw a need, and rather than exhaust our fellow rescues, we joined forces to battle in the war for the underdogs.

We continue to march towards freedom and forever for those abandoned and discarded.

Our dogs are fostered in a dog friendly environment. They are exposed to livestock and catsand we can quickly determine their requirements with boundaries in a permanent home. They get daily outdoor exercise and sleep in cozy beds in their foster's homes at night. Each dog is spayed or neutered (if older than 6 months), vaccinated, heartworm and tick disease tested and on preventatives. Dogs over 12 months receive a ProHeart12 shot which provides 1 year of prevention to heartworm. We have an extensive deworming protocol and feed a good quality dog food.

Dogs are cat, dog, kid and fence tested before matching them with their humans.

We pride ourselves in being transparent.

We use trusted rescue transport partners to deliver our adopted dogs to their forever homes up North. 

Please feel free to reach out with any questions by filling out our contact form or, if interested in one of our dogs, please fill out our adoption application and we'll be in touch within 24 hours.


These are some of the dogs who were found and fostered by our volunteers and made their way to forever homes. 

*Credit to Addicus' Legacy, CCAC, Freedom Street Rescue, Road to Home Rescue, Joanne, Kathy, Jen and Liz.

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