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Cooper is 60 pounds and almost 2 years old. He's a mix of 17 different breeds and you can call him whatever breed you like because it's probably in his recipe! (See the last photo for proof).

This kind boy was rescued by his Good Catch fosters after his previous family surrendered him. He was constantly being picked up in town and not being cared for. His life was lived on a cable in their backyard ever since they'd acquired him as a free 6 week old,  puppy.

Cooper's rehabilitation in his foster's care has been a joy to watch unfold. The dog who knew no language, commands, social skills or even his name has been consistently loved on, taught and worked with for the last 4 months. This lover of humans is finally ready for his forever home and we couldn't be prouder to show him off to the dog lover's world!

Cooper's best fit for an adopter would include structure, exercise and experience. He will need continued training until he picks up on his new family's lifestyle and he will repay you with the loyalty he has for his people and the joy he shows everyday for life. Cooper is a happy, happy dog! He's never known a bad day, he smiles and greets his mommas with wags and kisses daily.

Cooper will need a large, fenced in yard to exercise in. He has proven to love the doggie pool and adores his "stuffies" and "squeakies". He goes for daily leashed walks with his foster parents and will stop and politely wait for the neighbors to greet him.

This handsome young boy is a great candidate for car rides. He'll stick his head out the window as if to say, "I'm freeeeeee" and loads up like an old friend. Cooper hasn't been tested with cats so we suggest a cat free home. He can sometimes play too rough with dogs and is still working on his play skills. This is not uncommon with puppies who've been taken from their littermates or moms too soon. He does have a couple of good pals in his foster home who he's managed to learn from, but although his intent is to play, other dogs can take offense to his intensity. 

Cooper is ready for a last name! He has been given a 12 month Proheart shot for a year's worth of heartworm prevention, is microchipped, neutered and fully vaccinated.

We transport our dogs up North and out of Texas. We use trusted transport partners to safely deliver them to their families.


  • $350

  • $300

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